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Issue DateMeeting dateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015ILGA-Europe glossary
Oct-2011ILGA-Europe toolkit for training police officers on tackling LGBTI-phobic crimePolácek, Richard ; Le Déroff, Joël 
Jul-2000Improving the quality and accuracy of bias crime statistics nationally : an assessment of the first ten years of bias crime data collection (executive summary and final report)McDevitt, Jack ; Balboni, Jennifer M. ; Bennett, Susan ; Weiss, Joan ; Orchowsky, Stan ; Walbolt, Lisa ; Northeastern University. Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research ; Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA) ; United States Department of Justice. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) 
4-Nov-20144 November 2014Inaugural meeting reportEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) 
Aug-2008Incident report : violent attacks against Roma in the Ponticelli district of Naples, ItalyEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) 
20-Jun-2012Incidents racistes traités dans le cadre de consultations Janvier - Décembre 2011Federal Commission against Racism (FCR) 
Jun-2014Incidents racistes traités dans le cadre de consultations Janvier - Décembre 2013Federal Commission against Racism (FCR) 
Jun-2015Incidents racistes traités dans le cadre de consultations Janvier - Décembre 2014Federal Commission against Racism (FCR) 
28-Jun-201210-28 September 2012The incompatibility between democracy and racism : report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human RightsUnited Nations (UN). Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) 
29-Aug-2018Information Against Hate Crimes Toolkit (INFAHCT) : Programme DescriptionOSCE ODIHR 
18-Mar-2016Informe sobre incidentes relacionados con los delitos de odio en España (2015)Ministry of the Interior of Spain 
24-Apr-2014Informe sobre la evolución de los delitos de odio en España : Informe sobre los delitos de odio en España durante el año 2013Ministry of Interior of Spain 
2004The inherent unfairness of hate crime statutesGoldberger, David 
1999Inspection protocol for hate crimeHome Office. Her Majesty's Inspectors of Constabulary (HMIC) 
27-Aug-200427-28 August 2004Internet content self-regulation : taking liberties?Marsden, Christopher T. ; University of Oxford. Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) 
May-2005Intolerance : antisemitic, homophobic, islamophobic and anti-immigrant tendencies among young peopleRing, Jonas ; Morgentau, Scarlett ; Living History Forum ; National Council for Crime Prevention (BRA) 
6-Oct-200816-17 June 2008Intolerance and discrimination against Muslims : talking points for the meeting of National Points of Contact on Hate CrimesOrhun, Ömür ; OSCE Chairman-in-Office (CiO) 
8-Nov-20069-10 November 2006Introduction to Session 4, Data collection and analysisNolan, James J. ; West Virginia University 
Nov-2006An investigation into the nature, extent and effects of racist behaviours experienced by Northern Ireland’s ethnic minority healthcare staffBetts, Jennifer ; Hamilton, Jennifer ; Institute for Conflict Research (ICR) ; Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety for Northern Ireland 
30-Oct-2015Is Britain fairer? The state of equality and human rights 2015Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)